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ever wanted to know what a Bigfoot eats?

Bigfoot love wild garlic, nuts of all kinds, but they go bonkers for tuna and chees melts with garlic mayonnaise topping and as for berries, well they have a special meaning. More later.


Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe is available in US.

Hello everyone. It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, a book that nurtures goodwill to all animals and their habitat. Be prepared for the wildest ride since Easy Rider as the dumbest dumbass, Duane-o, does all he can to save his tribe of Bigfoot. Find out what Bigfoot eat. How often do they mate? Where do they go in the winter? Below are a few links:


looking forward to Shining 2

Things can only get better. The Shining was so brilliant. The film was incredible, well, saved by Jack Nicholson’s OTT performance. Thank God the film didn’t have the original Stephen King ending.¬†Showing Jack slowly freeazing to death was far more dramatic than the hotel blowing up. Can’t wait to find out how Danny boy is getting on 32 years later.